88 online business ideas: tips and hints

We’re lucky to have a wide range of options for getting an extra income: you can start your own blog, become an online coach, create a podcast, and many more.

This article will be useful for those who are thinking about launching their own business but don’t know where to start or which industry to choose.

As you can tell from the title, I’ll describe the best ideas for online businesses that don’t require significant financial investments.

At the same time, the following activities require enthusiasm, time, and strategic thinking.

If it sounds good for you, then scroll down and stay ready to bring positive changes to your life.

Let’s get started!

Top-notch ideas for online business

Create a blog

This is, perhaps, one of the first thoughts appearing in mind when the topic of online business is discussed. The reason I’ve decided to put this option first is the combination of high reward with low risks and barrier-to-entry.

It’s possible to focus on blog development only or combine this activity with your daily job.

Of course, this topic is extensive, so I’d like to pay attention to the key points only:

  • select a certain niche;
  • choose the website constructor you’ll utilize for creating the blog and setting up a web hosting;
  • learn more about the ways search engines work and various link building strategies for better traffic generation;
  • boost your domain authority;
  • start monetizing your web resource.

Online courses and coaching

Nowadays, there are a lot of different services and platforms allowing you not only to share your skills but also convert your knowledge into a business with a stable income. You can register on platforms like Thinkfic, Teachable, Kajabi, Podia to take part in partner programs and build your courses right away.

Podia’s home page.
Podia’s home page. Source: Podia.

Each platform has its own rules of commission payments, but you’d keep in mind that the number of subscribers is the main factor that directly impacts your income.

I’d also recommend you to use social networks or even launch a podcast to spread the word about your courses and expand your target audience.

Electronic commerce

I may write an e-commerce-dedicated article and describe Amazon FBA, full-fledged manufacturing products, and selling them through your own website.

But today, I’d like to focus on dropshipping as an option for e-commerce newbies and here’s why:

  • you don’t need to store items at home;
  • there is no need to build your own website.

Instead of it, you simply gather online orders and send them to the wholesaler. 

If you decide to build your own website for selling products, you need to stick to the following simple steps:

  • choose a platform for electronic commerce;
  • add products to your webstore;
  • customize your website appearance;
  • set up tax details and shipping options;
  • check the shopping cart functionality;
  • launch the web resource and start receiving the first visitors.


This is another trendy business idea, but not everyone succeeds in its implementation. First of all, you need to select the topic of your future podcast, get the necessary equipment (camera, microphone, pop filter, mixer, etc.), and choose the recording software. 

In the next step, you need to choose a podcast hosting service where your media materials will be stored and distributed to podcast networks like Spotify, iTunes, etc.

Printed products

If this idea is on your mind, you can start building your own brand and sell tons of products from mugs to bags.

If you don’t have experience in this business, you can select a service that could do logistics for you. I chose Printify as an example and decided to describe briefly the main steps of working with this platform:

  • select product niche you’re going to work with;
  • customize the appearance of your products;
  • get samples of your products to check their quality;
  • synchronize products with one of the electronic commerce services (Shopify, Wix, Jimdo, etc.).
Inventory management guide. Shopify.
Inventory management guide. Source: Shopify.

When customers make a purchase, e-commerce platforms get your product made and provide shipment.

Web development

Nowadays, most businesses run their web resources, which drive the demand for web developers significantly.

Although it may seem like a rather specific activity that requires deep programming knowledge, this is only partly true. In fact, there are a large number of application development courses aimed at people without programming skills (i.e. on the Creative Live platform).

To get started, you may also try various web constructors (Squarespace, GoDaddy, WordPress, etc.), which reduce the whole customization process to dragging and dropping blocks, changing fonts, styles, etc.

However, knowledge of programming languages can significantly improve the efficiency of your work and increase the demand for your services. Here are a few eLearning platforms you may check for the courses right away:

Graphic design

Currently, a lot of companies are searching for individuals with graphic design skills to build their own brand and increase customer awareness. Graphic designers face a wide range of tasks including producing banners, posters, landing pages, etc.

With design skills, it’s possible to work for a company, create your own graphic design business, or become a freelancer and offer your service on websites like Flexjobs or Fiverr.

If you haven’t worked in this industry before, I recommend you to visit e-Learning platforms (Ruzuku, Coursera, Thinkfic, etc.) to gain the skills without leaving your home.

Affiliate marketing

This is another option a lot of people associate with passive online income.

Many companies create affiliate programs aimed at bloggers, publishers, influencers in order to give them commissions for promoting their products or services. So, if you have your own website or social networks boosted, this could be an option. 

In a nutshell, the marketing scheme contains the following steps:

  • affiliate marketers post advertisements on their web resources;
  • website visitors click on those ads;
  • consumers are redirected to the merchant web resource;
  • customers make purchases;
  • clicks or purchases are registered;
  • transactions are confirmed as valid sales;
  • affiliates receive commissions.

If this option is what you’re looking for, then you may search for the appropriate platform like Rakuten, Clickbank, FlexOffers, etc. on the web.

Learn more about affiliate marketing. Rakuten.
Learn more about affiliate marketing. Source: Rakuten.

Keep in mind that you’re free to grow your income with the development of your web resource.

Virtual assistant

If you have good organizational skills, you can try yourself as a virtual assistant (VA).

Currently, this profession is in demand among freelancers, corporations, and various businesses.

While it isn’t the highest-paying job, it can still help you get experience from successful people to create your own business in the future. To start your career as a VA, you can register on web resources like Upwork, Fiverr, Toptal, etc.

Travel business consultant

Of course, this profession isn’t as popular as blogging or web development. However, many people are seeking help in booking the tours for vacation, managing their ads on rental search platforms (Tripping.com, VRBO, FlipKey), communicating with potential tenants, controlling booking rates, etc.

To feel confident in this profession, you’d be sociable and have marketing skills.

Also, make sure that you pay enough attention to the promotion of your services and expansion of the client base that you can do through your own web resource or social networks. Once you create a stable customer base, you can go to the next stage and start working with travel agencies.

In case you’re planning to make this occupation a full-time career, then I’d recommend you to obtain a travel consultant certificate.

Social media manager

Considering the number of regular social network users, it’s not surprising that the demand for Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook managers is increasing rapidly.

If you’re going to become a successful social media manager, you’d know how ad networks are functioning and always be aware of new trends in this constantly-changing landscape.

Below, I’ve listed the most common tasks you’ll face with:

  • create content for brands;
  • develop and customize advertising campaigns;
  • track ROI, do split-run testing, etc.

If you don’t have experience in this business area, you can register on one of the e-learning platforms, which I’ve already described above to get the necessary skills. 

With the growth of your authority and professionalism, your opportunities also increase. After a while, you may be able to create your consulting agency and turn this into a real business.

Interior designer

As an experienced interior designer, you’ll have an opportunity to get a stable job with a high income in a large company. You can get all the necessary skills online and then apply them to start your own business without leaving your home.

By the way, I’ve prepared a list of the most sought-after free courses, which cover interior design from hotel lobbies to corporate offices.

Before embarking on a full-fledged business, I’d suggest you cooperate with realtors or home developers to gain experience. Take into account the importance of developing your professional skills and finding ideas for inspiration (for example, on web resources like Pinterest).

Wedding photographer

This is a great option for photographers to earn an extra income that can bring up to $10,000 per photoshoot.

In case you’re a reputable photographer, it won’t be difficult for you to launch this business. Otherwise, you can create a business account and seek potential clients on social networks or aggregators like MyWed.

Keep in mind that it’s also important to have a high-quality portfolio to promote your business. For this purpose, it’s possible to utilize services like Adobe Portfolio, Wix, Cargo, etc. Here is also a list of online courses on Udemy, which can help you to hone your professional skills.

Buying and selling domain names

This is one of the old but gold business ideas on the Internet.

Most domain customers are focused on domains with history, but if you’re lucky to get a popular domain name, there is a high chance to flip it for extra income.

Keep in mind that this isn’t a full-time business and you’d not dwell on this idea on an ongoing basis.

If you want to know more about this business model, follow the link and read information from Investopedia’s article.

Business analysis

Experienced business analysts who can work with large amounts of data and produce ideas are highly valued in a wide variety of business industries. Their work influences business development strategy that, in turn, impacts the efficiency of the business on the whole.

A list of the Tableau's products.
A list of offered products. Source: Tableau.

Phone case business

Smartphones are the best-selling devices, used by about 6.37 billion people worldwide. So it’s not surprising that cases for smartphones became the most widely used accessories.

This gives you a lot of opportunities to start a business related to creating or customizing phone cases.

Before you start, I’d suggest you explore the market to find out popular design solutions and preferences of different categories of consumers. When you have a ready-made sample, you can start testing it on a resource like Amazon FBA before creating a full-fledged website.

Personal fitness trainer

Nowadays, this business has partially moved online, so you may offer your fitness assistance remotely. However, the lack of direct contact with customers still requires in-depth knowledge of human physiology, anatomy, psychology, and the training process together with strong organizational skills. Moreover, you should be able to customize a program without seeing your customer in person.

If you have the above-listed skills, you may get started with making a blog with fitness tips and hints, building a client’s base, increasing your credibility, selling workout programs, etc.

Take into account the importance of improving your professional skills and taking part in training programs, which are offered by various web resources (for example, Core Wellness).

Create a YouTube channel

Currently, video hosting services are rapidly developing and YouTube isn’t an exception. It has turned from a simple video service into one of the largest sources of on-demand video content.

Like most of the above-listed options, YouTube is used for business by thousands of people. However, you always have the opportunity to make a channel with unique content and monetize it.

This business won’t bring you quick money, so it’s important to select a topic that fascinates you and that doesn’t bother you after a week. Your content should not only be interesting but also well presented, so you’ll have to spend money on a quality camera and microphone as well.

Despite a large number of highly paid YouTubers, beginners in this business earn no more than $3-5 for every 1000 views.

Also, before creating your channel, carefully read the rules for publishing content on YouTube and the terms of monetization.

Content writer

If you can create engaging stories or articles, you can dive into freelance writing and turn your hobby into a highly paid business.

Your tasks may vary from crafting website copies to making blog posts and newsletters. As for the industry to work in, it may also vary from gardening tips to brand-new digital products.

As a content writer, you may not only create content but also edit it, work as an SEO specialist, help customers publish the content on their web resources, create images, infographics, etc.

If you are curious about this job, you may explore the top freelance platforms or look for customers on social networks like LinkedIn.

And don’t forget about creating a well-structured portfolio where you provide info about your experience in this area (if you have any) and showcase the best examples of your works. It can significantly increase your chances in this highly competitive business.


Even with the rapid development of technology and machine translation, the demand for experienced translators is high. Although this option has a lot in common with the previous one, I decided to highlight it separately.

The main difference between content writer and translator lies in creativity: as a translator, you work with ready-made material, while content writers need to create it from scratch.

As in the case with content writing, you need to advertise your skills on social networks, search for prospects, and create a web portfolio in order to be competitive.

Openbazaar trading

I’ve decided to highlight Openbazaar because it’s one of the largest markets that pay you with cryptocurrency. A distinctive feature of Openbazaar lies in the absence of commissions for transactions.

A list of available Openbazaar features.
A list of available features. Source: Openbazaar.

It’s a completely decentralized resource that makes it possible to communicate with sellers and buyers directly.

Before creating an online store, I recommend you explore the market and choose the best-selling products using apps like Amazon Price Check to learn more about the top items & their prices, markups, and more.

Stock trader

The key point of this business is in the usage of market fluctuations to buy or sell stocks at a bargain. Currently, there are a lot of various resources, where you can buy stocks (Degiro, Plus500, and IG).

Compared to trading through a brokerage agency, online trading provides you with much lower transaction costs. But don’t forget that this business is quite risky and requires investments, deep economic knowledge, shrewdness to understand the market trends, and a stable Internet connection.


This is a type of direct marketing when you reach out to potential clients by phone, build, and expand the clients base to advertise products, etc.

Telemarketing can be divided into 2 categories:

  • B2B when you make offers to other businesses;
  • В2С when you offer products to individuals.

If you don’t have any experience in telemarketing, you’d choose products and services which you’re well versed in as it can significantly boost your sales and business growth. Since advertising is also important in this business, don’t forget to make a website or a work account on social networks.

Working as a telemarketer, you shouldn’t forget about the ethical side of this business and don’t contact people who have refused to receive commercial calls.

Social shopping marketplace

As a rule, consumers are offered multiple products sold by independent sellers on this type of platform. Products are presented creatively as if they were on a shop window to maximize the attention of potential buyers.

This explains the fact that this type of business is popular among fashion and cosmetic sellers. Typically, such marketplaces provide you with tools for communication with clients and full-fledged e-commerce functionality, so you don’t need to use third-party services.

Among the well-known web resources in this category are Storenvy, Polyvore, or Shopcade.

Remote project management consultant

A project management consultant carries out a variety of tasks:

  • advising on project management;
  • planning and leading a team;
  • organizing meetings, etc.

Besides, it’s important to have industry knowledge & experience, and maybe a certificate of completion for project management courses.

Lead generation business

In this case, you’ll have to search for potential clients for the company you work for.

Most of the time, you’ll be dealing with collecting information about potential customers, their preferences, interests, the industry they work in, and more. Based on data received, you’ll create different information campaigns in order to build relationships.

Teespring trader

Teespring is a free web resource that helps create, sell, manufacture and distribute clothing.

Teespring’s registration page.
Teespring’s registration page. Source: Teespring.

In a nutshell, the algorithm of working on a platform is as follows:

  1. Initially, you need to choose and design an item of clothing.
  2. Teespring assigns the minimum cost for your model.
  3. You choose a price.
  4. When the product is sold, users make money due to the price differences.

If you’re a beginner, I’d suggest you start with selling T-shirts, since this market is one of the largest in the world. Another tip is not to overstate the price, because an average initial price leads to greater interest.

Transcription business

Typically, transcribers are in demand in legal firms, courts, and trade associations, where their main task is to turn audio material (recorded speech) into a text document.

On the one hand, this is a simple task you can do without leaving your home. In turn, you may face such difficulties as an accent, speech speed, troubles of interpretation due to background noises, etc.

To get started with this business, you need to have a quality headset and learn to use software like oTranscribe, Inqscribe, etc.

Create and sell recipes

  1. Initially, you need to choose and design an item of clothing.
  2. Teespring assigns the minimum cost for your model.
  3. You choose a price.
  4. When the product is sold, users make money due to the price differences.

If you’re a beginner, I’d suggest you start with selling T-shirts, since this market is one of the largest in the world. Another tip is not to overstate the price, because an average initial price leads to greater interest.

Transcription business

Typically, transcribers are in demand in legal firms, courts, and trade associations, where their main task is to turn audio material (recorded speech) into a text document.

On the one hand, this is a simple task you can do without leaving your home. In turn, you may face such difficulties as an accent, speech speed, troubles of interpretation due to background noises, etc.

To get started with this business, you need to have a quality headset and learn to use software like oTranscribe, Inqscribe, etc.

Create and sell recipes

In case you enjoy cooking and love kitchen experiments, you can start earning money from your hobby.

Here, there are 2 main variants for you:

  • make a web resource to sell your recipes;

In case you want to advertise your business using a website or social networks, you need to focus on the quality of your media files. The visual component is very important in this business and can directly impact the number of your subscribers, reposts, sales, etc.

If you don’t know where to start, here is a little hint: low sugar and vegan nutrition are the most relevant topics considering how popular this lifestyle is now.

Sell your music

Perhaps the most profitable way is selling your music on your own website; plus, this option is also preferable in the long run, as you can start building your customer base. This can make it easier for you to promote your future works, concerts, events, and so on through various communication channels.

You can use web platforms like iTunes, Amazon, and Google Play Music as an alternative to the first option. At the same time, you won’t get access to the customers’ contact details and will have to give 30% of your income for using the platforms.

If you’re looking for a free solution, I’d recommend you to check out the SoundCloud platform. There, you won’t be able to sell music directly, but you can add a link to your site where fans could purchase your music.

Narration and voice over service

Considering the fast pace of modern life, a lot of people literally don’t have enough time to read. 

It must be one of the least expensive businesses that you may start running without leaving your home, but you’ll be required to have a high-quality microphone, software for voice recording and editing.

If you haven’t faced this activity before, I’d recommend you to look for vocalization courses and make a demo so your customers can be sure what to expect.

Also, do not forget about enhancing your online presence and advertising yourself through social networks, paid ads, etc.

White hat hacking

This is a very specific job that requires not only strong technical knowledge but also communication skills. White hackers use their knowledge to bypass the security of computer systems, networks, equipment to find out loopholes and weaknesses.

The demand for white hackers is pretty high since information security is an important element of the effective functioning of any business. Taking into account the specific features of the work, it’s preferable to complete special courses on ethical hacking, which will give you credibility and help attract clients.

 Below, I’ve listed a few relevant courses on different e-Learning platforms:

Facebook advertisement

With help of Facebook ads, one can significantly boost their web resource traffic and increase the number of sales.

It’s quite a difficult task, so a lot of companies are forced to seek professionals with appropriate skills who can maximize the value of Facebook advertising.

In order to run effective Facebook ads, you’d be well versed in the following:

  • ads campaign segmentation and optimization; 
  • Facebook ad formats;
  • competitors analysis;
  • result tracking, and more.

System integrator

In a nutshell, the role of a system integrator is to combine various components and subsystems into one system with further control of its operation.

Below, I’ve listed several examples of tasks system integrators usually deal with:

  • migration of information from old systems to new ones;
  • automation of processes that were previously performed manually;
  • testing of computer systems, etc.

This job is highly paid but requires a good knowledge of software and coding.

Business plan writer

If you want to start a successful business, it’s important to make a business plan that will help attract investors and implement an entrepreneurial project.

A lot of newbie entrepreneurs don’t pay enough attention to creating a business plan and prefer to outsource this job to freelance specialists.

In order to build such a plan, it’s necessary to have not only theoretical knowledge but also the following skills:

  • experience in business;
  • ability to analyze a large amount of information;
  • presenting information in a clear manner.

Besides, business plan writers should have impeccable grammatical skills and a professional writing style.

Database consultant

The databases may differ in complexity and scale that depends on the company’s specifications.

So if you have a necessary technological background and deep knowledge, you can consider engaging in maintaining information networks, testing changes in databases, optimizing system performance, and more. 

Moreover, you’d be prepared that companies require you to be certified in the programming language or software they utilize.

Video editor

If you are good at editing videos, you can sell this skill, as there are a lot of companies, looking for individuals who could create advertising, training, and other types of video material. You may start this business with Invideo and gradually move to more professional platforms such as Adobe Prime Pro.

Adobe Prime Pro home page.
Adobe Prime Pro home page. Source: Adobe Prime Pro.

Do not forget to pay attention to marketing your business not only using one of the portfolio websites but also through video hosting platforms like YouTube.

Once you’ve created a customer base, you can move on to hiring assistants and outsourcing production.

Notes seller

It’s possible to find such jobs on services like Docmerit or Stuvia, which can allow you to upload ready-made notes and start to sell them.

To get started, I’d recommend distributing first notes for free to attract the attention of potential clients and increase your credibility. It can also help potential clients understand how clear, concise, and understandable your notes are.

Cryptocurrency mining

The cryptocurrency market is highly volatile and ambiguous, so you can debate about the advisability of entering it.

The key point of this business is the process of mining and bringing new coins to the cryptocurrency market. This is a fairly complex task from a technical point of view that will require you to following:

  • purchase apt hardware;
  • set up a cooling system;
  • register of the wallet;
  • download software for mining;
  • join the mining pool.

CV maker

CV maker is a profession that involves writing a structurally, grammatically, and lexically correct curriculum vitae adapted to a specific person.

Usually, the working process consists of 2 stages:

  • gathering and analyzing the data provided by your client;
  • resume writing.

This is a relatively easy job where practice is a key success factor and the level of your skills directly depends on the number and variety of resumes you make.

In order to showcase your service, you may create an advertising website or business account on social networks and add the best examples of your projects.

Email marketing consultant

The main point of this job is to optimize email communications and marketing campaigns to boost the response rate.

To do this, you need to be experienced in email marketing, understand the specific business industry, and have analytic skills. During the workflow, you can face creating email campaigns from scratch, giving advice on using specific words or phrases, building newsletters, determining the optimal email size, etc.

This business doesn’t require significant financial investments, but the level of your experience in marketing is a key factor.

Online dating platform

Relationships are to some extent a universal thing and concern people regardless of their age, gender, or nationality. Therefore, it isn’t surprising that this business hasn’t lost its relevance since the early 2000s and new dating sites appear with enviable regularity.

Since this is a competitive business environment, you’d think over a development strategy and adhere to some important rules:

  • decide on a business model (you may charge a fee for registration on the website or earn from advertisers);
  • take care of legal issues (registration of your enterprise);
  • pick up your niche (for example, it can be a web resource for a certain age category or a mobile app for a younger audience);
  • plan the marketing strategy;
  • develop your platform/mobile app.

Freelance illustrator

If you are a creative person with fine arts skills, you may successfully capitalize on your hobby.

This job may open up great opportunities: it’s possible to start a career as an illustrator, create images for advertising campaigns, help in designing websites, etc.

If you want to reach success as a freelance illustrator, you’d have a variety of skills, but the most important are the following:

  • ability to advertise yourself on the Internet.

There are two main options when it comes to working with customer base:

  • seeking for potential clients on your own;
  • utilizing freelance web resources.

Build a membership web resource

The current option may be a great opportunity for you to generate extra income by providing premium content for an additional fee. Besides, it’s possible to give your website users special content after their registration and receiving contact information. Currently, the idea of membership websites is implemented in most web resources, for example:

  • detailed training programs on fitness web portals;
  • access to high-quality movies on video hosting platforms.

If your web resource has sufficient online traffic and interest from visitors, it’s possible to divide the whole content into paid and free parts. Keep in mind that the free content must be of the same high quality so it could interest visitors and make them want to pay for more.

Collections agent

This job isn’t an easy one because among your responsibilities there will be collecting various debts from clients: late payments, loan arrears, unsuccessful invoices, and so on.

Let’s take a look at responsibilities you’ll usually deal with:

  • maintaining a database with detailed information about the debt severity and personal information;
  • direct communication with clients and finding out the optimal debt collection options, etc.
    In order to be successful in this business, you’d have strong communication skills, be self-organized, and be stress-resistant. If we speak about specific software, collections agents often work with services like Collect One, Collect, etc.

Formatting text documents

The main idea of this job is to change the source material in order to make content more appealing and well-structured.

That’s why to succeed in formatting documents, you’d be well-versed in grammar and have the following skills:

  • the ability to use text editors to work with fonts, styles, document structure, etc.;
  • knowledge about the office administration.

In case you can work with graphic editors, this can significantly increase your chances of getting a job.

Data entry business

This job is similar to the one I’ve described above, but in this case, your main aim is to work with inputting information into databases, spreadsheets, and so on.

Below, I’ve mentioned a few typical examples:

  • build databases;
  • refresh the existing information;
  • delete outdated information, etc.

Compared to the previous options, a data entry business is easy to start and requires only a PC and a stable Internet connection. If you want to increase the probability of getting this job, I’d recommend exploring data entry platforms like Parascript or Nintex.

Make press releases

Using press releases, you can inform the audience about the company’s news, attract new clients, or retain regular ones.

Thanks to press releases, it’s possible to build up and increase customer awareness about the company, boost sales and online traffic. If you look closely at the structure of a typical press release, then you can see that most of them are based on a universal “5W and 1H” model.

To start this business, you’d have excellent writing skills and know how to create engaging content.

Secondhand bookseller

Despite the growing demand for e-books, the printed books market is still active. To purchase secondhand books, you may explore charity shops or search for them online.

In this case, it’s worth paying attention to individual vendors, since they usually have the lowest prices. Besides, I’d recommend you to get books in good condition and from a specific niche to attract the target audience. After that, you can sell them using your web resource or service like eBay, Amazon, etc.

Manage a daily deal site

Daily deal site’s users are seeking services or products at a significant discount.

Keep in mind that this is a time-consuming business that requires you to communicate with various vendors and brand representatives.

If you decide to create such a website, then you’ll act as a middleman and won’t need to manage products directly. This business is competitive enough so to stay afloat you need to choose your niche and decide on the specific type of goods or services.

Here are 2 examples of widely-used web resources, which can help you work out your business strategy: Groupon and Wowcher.

Digital product tester

Product testing is a widely used method to evaluate applications, programs, web resources, or other digital products. During the testing process, users record how they explore products’ features, different options, etc.

In turn, companies get feedback that gives info about the best way to modify and improve products, troubleshoot them, and so on. This business option doesn’t require significant financial resources, but a certificate of completed tester courses wouldn’t be out of place.

If you are interested in this job, you may visit specialized web resources like TestRail, UserTesting, etc.

The algorithm of the tester's work on the platform.  UserTesting.
The algorithm of the tester’s work on the platform. Source: UserTesting.

Web researcher

As you’ve probably understood from the job title, the main aim will be to get hard-to-find data. Many companies use this method to save time and financial resources by outsourcing web research.

The list of your tasks can be very long: exploring data about competitors, doing market research, getting statistics info, and so on. Besides, you’d have an analytical mindset and be ready to double-check the data accuracy.

Like most of the above-mentioned business variants, web research has its pros and cons. For example, this business is easy to start, but it’s difficult to make this job stable.

Online auctions

First, let’s figure out what online auctions are: these are events, which are held on special platforms with a huge user base and serious competition. If you haven’t worked with online auctions before, you may start with selling unwanted items and build up some start-up capital. Subsequently, it’ll be possible to use it to get other goods and resell them for your benefit.

A little tip: if you don’t know where to start, I’d recommend you explore the accessories and electronics markets since they are top-of-the-line products at all auctions.

Become a proofreader

Your main task as a proofreader is to check the text and correct grammatical, punctuation, and other errors. 

Currently, you can find a lot of proofreading vacancies offered by various translation agencies, which hire individuals with knowledge of both the target and source languages.

Besides, you can find various applications on the Internet, which can significantly streamline the working process and make it more efficient.

Sell videos

I’ve already described a similar business idea while describing the job of a video editor. However, in this case, you create video content on any topic and upload it to platforms like Adobe Stock, Unsplash, Shutterstock where clients can purchase it.

If you decide to launch this business, you need to explore the market, learn more about trends, and select the platform with the highest online traffic. For example, short and HD videos with a duration from 15 to 30 seconds are in great demand.

Become a rewriter

Currently, a lot of companies are seeking individuals who can redo already existing articles, advertising posts or blog posts, etc. This job has a lot of similarities with the already mentioned copywriting business, but it’s much easier since you work with already prepared content.

During the working process, it’s important to stick to citation rules and run the final document through anti-plagiarism software.

You can find such vacancies on most job search platforms, but be ready for tough competition in this business.

Bookkeeping service

To start a career in this business, you’d have specialized economic education or a certificate about completed accounting courses.

As a bookkeeper, you usually deal with financial accounts, cash flow monitoring, invoices, VAT returns, writing reports, etc. To become a successful bookkeeper, you’d be ready for a constant improvement of professional skills and understand how to utilize the software (Quickbooks, Wave, Xero), etc.

Customer support service

This type of service is a key aspect of any company that provides services or sells products because it directly impacts the volume of sales, the level of credibility, and the growth of the business as a whole.

If you want to try yourself in this job, you’d understand the specificity of a company you work in, have good communication skills, a stable Internet connection, and a noise-free environment for high-quality.

Multi-level marketing

The main idea of this business is to earn money not only on your own sales but also on the sales of users you invite.

Nonetheless, beware of pyramid schemes, which are often disguised as multi-level marketing. There are different ways to identify a chain referral scheme, but here’s the simplest one: if the company offers more money for recruiting than for your own sales, then very likely it’s a fraud company.

Inbox manager

Nowadays, a lot of companies are facing the problem of overloading email accounts with spam that causes problems in tracking important requests and slows down the overall workflow.

As an inbox manager, you will monitor incoming messages, create folders for separate sources, remove spam, etc.

The main criterion for getting such a job is the employer’s confidence in your reliability since you’ll be operating with inside information and trade secrets.

SEO consulting

If you are well versed in search engine optimization and know the ways to increase the web resource ranking and turn visitors into customers, then you can become an SEO consultant and make money on your knowledge.

Usually, the range of tasks of the SEO consultant includes finding optimal keywords to rank for, competitors’ analysis, creating content tasks for copywriters, updating materials on the company’s web resource, website technical audit. They also frequently participate in crafting the company’s digital marketing strategy. 

Genealogical researcher

As you understand from the title, your main aim in this position will be doing a families’ history research. There may be large projects to explore the entire family tree or a simple search for info about a specific person.

Thanks to the extensive databases on the Internet, it’s possible to launch this business without leaving your home. To get a full picture of this job, I’d recommend you to explore resources like 23andMe, MyHeritage, Genealogy Freelancers.

Thrift shop owner

This idea has a lot in common with running an online store, but in this case, the main aim is to buy and resell used items (like it’s implemented on thredUP). Many thrift shop owners spend hours on services like eBay and seek special offers, which they could sell through their own web stores.

If you want to go in for running a thrift shop, you’d pay attention to making the recognizable brand, select a platform for electronic commerce, get a domain, customize the design of your web resource, etc.

Online therapist

As a result of the telemedicine development, you can find a lot of web resources, which can help you with consulting patients online (TalkSpace, BetterHelp, etc.). Thus, if you’re a therapist, psychologist, or consultant, you can register on one of the above-mentioned resources and get the opportunity to expand your clients base.

Of course, this business idea can only be legally implemented by specialists with the proper credentials and education.

PR consultant

Using your knowledge of branding and marketing, it’s possible to start your career as a PR consultant and provide your service to various companies (communication with the public, improving the online presence, etc.).

Among your responsibilities will be improving the company’s image, managing press releases, maintaining accounts in social networks, etc.

As in the case of most above-mentioned occupations, you may choose to become a full-time or a freelance consultant with the ability to control your work hours and duties.

Grant writer

As a grant writer, you face the following tasks:

  • make a grants research;
  • explore grant specifications;
  • communication with clients.

To arouse interest in your candidacy, you’d have an impeccable resume with examples of your previous successful projects. Gaining more experience and developing your business, you can go to the next level and join a grant writers association.

College consultant

Looking at today’s list, this business idea must be one of the most profitable and curious options. For a successful career as a college consultant, you’d have excellent communication skills and be ready to able to do the following:

  • explore educational institutions to find the best option for your client;
  • be well versed in government financial aid options (grants, scholarships).

Online recruiter

This job has a lot in common with the web research I’ve described above, but in this case, you focus only on searching staff for various companies.

Your tasks will include exploring the resume on job search sites and communicating with potential clients. You’d be ready to conduct a preliminary interview and explore whether an applicant can be a good fit for a company.

Since most companies are looking for employees online, it’s not a difficult task to get a job as a recruiter, especially in companies that don’t have a big HR team.

Social media influencer

In this case, your main task will be developing a specific account and gaining followers.

You’d have excellent communication skills as well to give feedback to the followers, correctly respond to various comments, etc. If we speak about income, it’ll depend largely on sponsored ads, so you need to select advertisements that would be interesting for your target audience.

Private label product seller

The main aim of this occupation is to sell a product of third-party manufactures under your own brand name.

This explains the need to establish contact with the manufacturer, discuss all details of products you want to sell, ensure product delivery, etc. And, in this sense, the current business option has a lot in common with the dropshipping that I’ve described above.

Handmade goods seller

Nowadays, you may search for a wide variety of craft products on the Internet, from jewelry to furniture. This business idea isn’t for everyone, but if you have craft skills, it’s possible to earn some money on your creativity.

In this case, you’d find the best service for selling goods: you can create the web resource on your own or become a subscriber of Wix, GoDaddy, Squarespace, and other services with full-fledged e-commerce functionality.

Instagram flipping business

To get the most out of this business, you’d select a category you’re good at (comics, technology, animals, IT, etc.). After you select the niche, you need to make an Instagram page and populate it with content. To attract subscribers, it’s possible to utilize automation services like Combin, Jarvee, etc.

As soon as your follower base grows to 10.000, you may put your page up for sale through services like Social Tradia.

Categories of Instagram accounts. Social Tradia.
Categories of Instagram accounts. Source: Social Tradia.

Curate subscription boxes

Since the Birchbox and Blue Apron services have been founded, subscription boxes have grown in popularity and now can be found in almost every business industry (craft drinks and food, cosmetics and makeup, etc.).

While curating a subscription box, you deal with individual brands to buy and resell their products as bundled offers. As a rule, consumers don’t know the content of a particular box, but sometimes the situation is the opposite (for example, if they order food).

Game streaming

Currently, the video gaming industry offers various options for earning money, but the most popular of them are the profession of a cyber athlete and gaming video blogging.

I’d like to point out that both options require powerful hardware so you can play up-to-date games.

Speaking about cybersport, it’s hard to become a professional cyber sportsman because of the tough competition and the need for persistent training.

The option of a video gaming blog isn’t as tough: you may start a career as a forecaster or game analyst, create a channel with playthroughs on video streaming services like Twitch or YouTube, etc.

Selling pet products

It may seem surprising but a pet webstore is on the list of the most stable sources of income. This is because most pet owners are ready to spend big sums of money on various pet accessories, clothing, organic food, special furniture, etc.

Plus, the success of your business doesn’t depend on whether you’re going to become a manufacturer of pet products or do dropshipping.

Creating a news digest

The key point of this business idea is to send different news or reviews depending on your client’s requests.

There is always a category of individuals who don’t have enough time to read everything they want. The list of requests may be versatile: you can make collections of films or music, gather news about politics and economics, make reviews of certain goods, etc.

Video tour business

Working as a virtual tour guide, you utilize multimedia resources (photos, videos) to showcase a certain place to clients before they visit it in person. Depending on the client’s request, this can be an object under construction, an office building, an apartment, a hotel room, etc.

Unlike many previous options, this job requires a quality camera, audio equipment, software for editing, and so on.


Usually, this job means truck dispatching: you work as a middleman between drivers and companies that hire them. As a dispatcher, your main tasks are to create a route, accompany drivers at all stages from the start to unloading cargo.

This is a challenging job that requires you to be organized, resilient to stress, multitask, and able to react quickly to new circumstances.

Regarding financial investments, nothing is required from you except a PC, headset, and a stable Internet connection.

Tax preparation

First of all, tax preparation isn’t the most creative or highly paid job, but someone should do it and check if all the numbers add up at the end of the year.

The current job may be interesting for those who have experience in accounting, can work with large amounts of data, and prepare tax returns.

If you aren’t quite confident about your skills, you may enroll in special courses at the Income Tax School and get a tax specialist certificate.

Commission-only sales

If you have strong communication skills and can take on a certain risk, then the job of a commission-based freelance seller may be an option for you.

The point is that many companies are seeking part-time or full-time salespeople who would be ready to provide their service on a commission-based basis.

Please note that this job can’t provide a stable income, but you may gain invaluable work experience that can be a big plus for your CV.

Fill out online surveys

This option won’t ensure your financial freedom as well as the previous one, but it’s a simple source of additional income that can be combined with your main job.

Here are several popular survey web resources you can visit right away:

Sell food waste

Scientists carried out research that shows that we waste more than $990 billion worth of food each year that not only leads to the destruction of the environment but also harms the economy. As a result, many entrepreneurs are devising creative methods to turn food waste into profit.

For example, you may utilize the subscription boxes I’ve described above to get rid of “ugly” fruits or vegetables, sell food waste for the production of biofuels or insect protein, etc.

Running a review website

A review site is a web resource where individuals can share their thoughts about different services, products, companies, etc.

The current business idea may be interesting for those who have experience in SEO because you need to be well versed in the following:

  • what website building service it’s better to select;
  • how to set up electronic commerce;
  • how to boost online traffic to the site, etc.

Internet magazine

To become a successful online magazine publisher, you’d have the skills of a webmaster, editor, and writer at the same time.

This business idea doesn’t require financial investments and you may launch it by creating your web resource, adding articles, and advertising it on social networks. As the project develops, you can hire employees who would write on a specific topic, as well as charge subscriptions fees.

Sell infographic

The key point of this job is in the transformation of a large amount of information into easy-to-remember graphical form.

Currently, infographics are used in different spheres of activity: blogging, fitness, coaching, education, etc. If you’re interested in this option and want to learn more, I offer you to visit the Venngage web resource that is specialized in building infographics.

Tips on how to create an effective infographic. Venngage.
Tips on how to create an effective infographic. Source: Venngage.

Choose a topic that is close to you, make a test project, and upload it on one of the platforms like ShutterStock.

Test prep business

The current job is somewhat similar to tutoring, but it differs by focusing solely on passing tests. As you’ve understood from the title, this job requires you to be well versed in the relevant area of knowledge and (no less important) understand the specifics of a particular test, how it’s carried out, which pitfalls it conceals, etc.

If you make web research, you can find a large variety of test prep vacancies, but the most relevant are the following:

  • SAT Subject Tests;
  • American College Testing;
  • Graduate Record Examination;
  • Medical College Admission Test;
  • Law School Admission Test.

Initially, you may start with the individual work and then move on to group lessons.

3-D printing

3D printing is currently a widespread technology that is used in various business industries and helps to build products from scratch.

Before buying equipment, I’d recommend you to do market research and select the apt niche and product that you’ll make. Moreover, you’d get info about all the technical complexities of certain product manufacturing that you can learn with help of YouTube lessons, courses on e-learning platforms, and so on.

When you’ve got it all figured out, I’d recommend you to visit Amazon first, since it has a wide range of offers to fit every taste.

by Kseniia Goldovska

Last modified: December 15, 2021

Hi, I’m Kseniia and I’m here to guide you through the tools that may be helpful for your business. Having 8 years of development and start up experience I always try to find new ways of getting things done with less effort and cost. Looking forward to your comments (especially negative ones :D)!