Flodesk vs MailerLite

In the digital era, email marketing remains a cornerstone of business communication, offering a direct and personal way to reach and engage customers. It stands out for its cost-effectiveness and ability to build lasting relationships with a target audience, making it a crucial tool in any digital marketing strategy. Amid numerous options available today, Flodesk and MailerLite have emerged as two popular email marketing platforms, each with its unique features and strengths.

Flodesk, known for its visually appealing designs and user-friendly interface, caters predominantly to creatives and small business owners. In contrast, MailerLite offers a balance of simplicity and powerful features, appealing to a broad range of users from non-profits to growing businesses. This comparison aims to provide insights into how these platforms can meet different email marketing needs, helping readers choose the tool that best aligns with their business objectives and marketing strategies.

Overview of Flodesk

Flodesk was founded with the goal of redefining email marketing for small businesses and creatives. Established relatively recently, it has quickly gained popularity for its user-friendly interface and design-centric approach. The founders, seeing a gap in the market for a more aesthetically focused email marketing tool, developed Flodesk to cater to those who prioritize visual appeal in their marketing strategies.

Key Features and Strengths

Flodesk stands out for its visually stunning templates and intuitive design tools. It simplifies the process of creating beautiful emails without the need for advanced design skills. Key features include:

  • Drag-and-Drop Email Builder: Enables users to easily create custom emails.
  • Unlimited Subscribers: Flodesk offers the same pricing regardless of subscriber count, making it financially predictable for growing businesses.
  • Beautiful Templates: A wide range of aesthetically pleasing templates tailored for various industries and purposes.
  • Segmentation Tools: Allows for targeted emailing, ensuring that the right message reaches the right audience.
  • Automation Workflows: Simplifies the process of setting up email sequences for onboarding, sales funnels, etc.

Target Audience and Typical User Base

Flodesk primarily appeals to small business owners, entrepreneurs, bloggers, and creatives who value design and simplicity. Its user base typically includes those who are not necessarily tech-savvy but are looking for an effective and visually appealing way to reach their audience through email marketing.

Overview of MailerLite

MailerLite was founded with a focus on simplicity and effectiveness in email marketing. It has established itself as a reliable and straightforward tool that balances functionality with ease of use. Over the years, MailerLite has grown to serve a diverse range of customers, from small businesses to larger enterprises, by offering a wide range of features that cater to various email marketing needs.

Key Features and Strengths

MailerLite is known for its simplicity, affordability, and robust feature set. Its key features include:

  • Intuitive Email Editor: A user-friendly interface that makes creating professional emails easy for beginners.
  • Advanced Segmentation: Allows for detailed targeting based on subscriber behavior and characteristics.
  • Automation Capabilities: Sophisticated yet accessible tools for creating automated email campaigns.
  • Built-in Photo Editing: Handy for quick image adjustments within the platform.
  • A/B Testing and Analytics: Tools to test and measure the effectiveness of email campaigns.
  • Landing Pages and Pop-ups: Additional tools to enhance lead generation and conversion.

Target Audience and Typical User Base

MailerLite’s target audience includes small to medium-sized businesses, non-profits, and content creators who need an effective yet affordable email marketing solution. It appeals to those looking for a balance between comprehensive features and an easy-to-use platform. The typical user base values functionality, cost-effectiveness, and the ability to scale their email marketing efforts as their business grows.

User Interface and Ease of Use

Flodesk’s interface is praised for its simplicity and elegance. The platform focuses on a minimalistic design, making it highly intuitive for beginners. Users can effortlessly navigate through its features, with a drag-and-drop email builder that simplifies the creation of visually appealing emails. The learning curve is relatively low, making it an attractive option for those who prioritize design but may not have extensive technical skills. Users often commend Flodesk for its straightforward approach, emphasizing how easy it is to create beautiful emails without feeling overwhelmed by too many options.

MailerLite, on the other hand, combines simplicity with a robust set of features. Its interface is clean and user-friendly, designed to cater to both beginners and experienced marketers. The platform provides a more traditional email building experience but with the added benefit of advanced features like automation, segmentation, and A/B testing. Users appreciate the balance MailerLite strikes between functionality and usability. The learning curve is slightly steeper compared to Flodesk, especially when delving into more advanced features, but it remains accessible, with many users noting the ease with which they can execute complex email marketing campaigns.

Template Designs and Customization

Flodesk’s strength lies in its visually stunning and modern template designs. These templates are particularly favored by users who aim for a strong visual impact in their email campaigns. The platform offers a variety of beautifully crafted templates that are easily customizable, catering to different styles and industries. Users can modify layouts, colors, and fonts with ease, though the options for customization, while sufficient for most, may not satisfy those seeking granular control.

MailerLite provides a more extensive range of templates compared to Flodesk, catering to a wider variety of business needs and styles. These templates are customizable, with options to adjust layouts, elements, and branding to fit different marketing strategies. While not as focused on aesthetic design as Flodesk, MailerLite offers greater flexibility and functionality in template customization, making it suitable for those who prioritize content versatility over design.

Email Automation and Marketing Tools

Flodesk Automation: Flodesk simplifies the process of setting up automation workflows, making it easy for users to create sequences for various purposes like welcome emails, lead nurturing, or sales funnels. The platform’s automation tools are straightforward but might lack the depth and granularity offered by more advanced platforms.

MailerLite Automation: MailerLite offers a more comprehensive set of automation tools. Users can create complex automation workflows based on subscriber behavior, engagement, and other criteria. This includes advanced segmentation, time-zone based sending, and behavioral triggers, offering a higher level of customization for targeted campaigns.

Analytics and Reporting

Flodesk provides basic analytics features, including open rates, click rates, and subscriber growth. The platform’s reporting is user-friendly and visually appealing, but it may not offer the depth of data analysis that more data-driven marketers require.

MailerLite offers more detailed analytics and reporting features. It includes click maps, open by location, and a comprehensive breakdown of subscriber interactions. This detailed approach is beneficial for marketers who rely heavily on data to refine their email strategies.

Integrations and Compatibility

Flodesk offers a limited range of integrations compared to MailerLite. While it covers many popular tools and services, its focus on simplicity and design means it might not have as many technical integrations as some users might require.

MailerLite excels in this area with a wide range of integrations with CRM software, e-commerce platforms, and other marketing tools. This makes it a more versatile choice for businesses that rely on a suite of tools for their operations.

ClickFunnels Integration

Integration Setup:

  • Flodesk: Requires a third-party integration tool like Zapier, adding complexity and potential costs.
  • MailerLite: Offers a direct integration with ClickFunnels, making setup more straightforward.

Data Syncing:

  • Flodesk: May experience delays or inconsistencies in data syncing due to third-party reliance.
  • MailerLite: Data syncing is generally more reliable and efficient due to direct integration.

Workflow Automation:

  • Flodesk: Has a focus on visual workflow builders, making automation setup easy for visually oriented users.
  • MailerLite: Offers a broader range of automation features, including advanced segmentation and triggers.

List Management:

  • Flodesk: Provides basic list management features.
  • MailerLite: Offers more robust list management capabilities, including tagging, segmentation, and custom fields.

Reporting and Analytics:

  • Flodesk: Offers a limited set of reporting and analytics tools.
  • MailerLite: Provides more comprehensive reporting and analytics, including campaign performance, subscriber engagement, and deliverability insights.


  • Flodesk: Flat monthly fee for unlimited subscribers and emails.
  • MailerLite: Free plan for up to 1,000 subscribers, then tiered pricing based on subscriber count.

Additional Considerations:

  • Flodesk: Limited integrations with other platforms beyond ClickFunnels.
  • MailerLite: Offers a wider range of integrations with popular tools.

WebFlow Integration

Integration Setup:

  • Flodesk: Requires a workaround using custom code or third-party integration tools like Zapier, adding complexity and potential costs.
  • MailerLite: Offers a direct integration with Webflow, making setup more straightforward.

Form Connection:

  • Flodesk: Forms need to be embedded in Webflow pages using code snippets or external links, potentially affecting design consistency.
  • MailerLite: Forms can be directly integrated into Webflow, maintaining a seamless user experience.

Data Syncing:

  • Flodesk: May experience delays or inconsistencies in data syncing due to indirect integration methods.
  • MailerLite: Data syncing is generally more reliable and efficient due to direct integration.

Workflow Automation:

  • Flodesk: Workflows can be triggered based on Webflow actions using Zapier or custom code, but setup can be more complex.
  • MailerLite: Offers built-in automation features that can be triggered by Webflow events, streamlining the process.

Design Customization:

  • Flodesk: Provides a high degree of control over email design, aligning well with Webflow’s visual focus.
  • MailerLite: Offers a good range of design customization options, but may not be as extensive as Flodesk’s capabilities.

Best for:

  • Flodesk: Businesses prioritizing exceptional email design and willing to manage workarounds for integration.
  • MailerLite: Businesses seeking a smooth integration experience, reliable data syncing, and seamless automation within Webflow.

Additional Considerations:

  • Flodesk: Limited integrations with platforms beyond ClickFunnels, potentially posing challenges for broader workflows.
  • MailerLite: Offers a wider range of integrations with popular tools, enhancing overall flexibility.

Pricing and Plans

Flodesk adopts a simple pricing model with a flat monthly rate, regardless of the number of subscribers. This can be particularly advantageous for businesses with a large subscriber list, as they won’t incur additional costs as their list grows.

MailerLite’s pricing is based on the number of subscribers, with a free plan for those with smaller lists. This makes it an attractive option for startups and small businesses, though costs can increase as the subscriber base grows.

Compare flodesk plans with competitors here.

Customer Support and Resources

Flodesk provides support primarily through email, with a reputation for responsive and helpful customer service. They also offer a range of online resources, including tutorials and a knowledge base, though these may not be as extensive as larger platforms.

MailerLite offers more comprehensive support options, including 24/7 live chat and email support. Their extensive knowledge base, video tutorials, and regular webinars provide users with a wealth of learning resources.

Pros and Cons Summary


  • Pros: Beautiful designs, easy to use, flat-rate pricing.
  • Cons: Limited integrations and analytics, less suitable for complex automation needs.


  • Pros: Extensive features and integrations, scalable pricing, robust support.
  • Cons: Steeper learning curve, designs not as visually focused as Flodesk.

This comparison highlights the distinctive strengths and limitations of Flodesk and MailerLite, helping potential users understand which platform aligns best with their specific email marketing requirements.

User Testimonials and Feedback

Flodesk users often highlight the platform’s design-centric approach. One user mentioned, “As a small business owner with limited design skills, Flodesk has made it easy for me to create stunning emails that resonate with my audience.”

MailerLite receives praise for its versatility. A user shared, “MailerLite’s intuitive interface allowed me to start simple but expand into more sophisticated campaigns as my business grew.”

In summary, Flodesk is ideal for those seeking an aesthetically pleasing, easy-to-use platform with minimal complexity. MailerLite, while also user-friendly, offers a deeper range of features that cater to businesses looking to scale their email marketing efforts with more advanced capabilities.

by Kseniia Goldovska

Last modified: January 7, 2024

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