ClickFunnels vs Kajabi: Ultimate Comparison

Sales funnel constructor is a customer-centric marketing software that helps you create sales funnels to attract customers’ attention, set up advertising, and support customers on every level of interaction with your company from awareness to action.

Today, I offer you to take a closer look at 2 funnel constructors: ClickFunnels and Kajabi.

What is Kajabi? 

It’s a content delivery and marketing service that assists you in building and selling digital products (there can be stock photography, videos, online courses, etc.) They also make it easy to set up membership plans for accessing premium content. 

What is ClickFunnels? 

This platform is targeted at a wider audience and can help you sell any type of product. 

I’ll guide you through the main builders’ features and tools included in different pricing plans; you’ll learn about their user-friendliness, levels of customer support, and many more.

Also, each section of the review is supported by my personal assessment based on the five-points scale. So, it’ll be easy for you to decide which platform can be the best fit for your business.

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What is ClickFunnels

Clickfunnels vs Kajabi Features Compared

User Experience


After the registration and filling in the payment details, you’ll be transferred to the dashboard. There, you’ll see a bunch of buttons: “Statistics”, “Affiliate program”, “Build a funnel”, “Send a broadcast” that may be overwhelming for the first time. Don’t worry, you’ll get used to it soon! 

After that, the platform offers you to pass through the following steps:

  • customize your account;
  • create a funnel;
  • choose a domain you want to add;
  • select an email provider;
  • build an email list;
  • build a follow-up funnel.
ClickFunnels’ features and tools.
Description of ClickFunnels’ features and tools. Source: ClickFunnels.

You’re offered to inbuilt a custom code, add the WordPress website, customize pop-ups using the ClickPop tool, and many more. Then, just click on the “Publish” button and your project becomes available on the Internet.


Compared to ClickFunnels, this service is easier to use. The interface isn’t overwhelmed with buttons. Plus, a handy assistant helps you onboard, navigating you across the website and searching for the features using keywords. Also, a lot of training videos are at your disposal: you can find them in the Help Center. 

Since the platform is an all-in-one solution, you don’t need to add plugins or extensions: all operations can be performed from one place. You don’t need to know how to code while working with service as well.Using Kajabi, you may also inbuilt third-party applications, add custom code, etc.




Sales Funnels


Clickfunnels offers a lot of layouts for building different types of funnels, grouped by purpose:

  1. Collect leads. This option allows getting the customers’ names, emails, phone numbers, etc. 
  2. Generate sales. Here, you can create tripwire/unboxing funnels for lower-cost products. Or, you can build VSL (video sales letters) for products, which require more explanation (including the visual component). And the third group of funnels in this category is product launch funnels.
  3. Create an event. You may create a live webinar using third-party services software (GoToWebinar or Zoom). Also, you can hold a webinar that is completely hosted on the ClickFunnels platform.

You may choose among pre-made templates or take one and change it according to your needs. The editing process is simple because ClickFunnels is a drag-and-drop builder with no coding knowledge required.

How to build a follow-up funnel on ClickFunnels.
How to build a follow-up funnel. Source: ClickFunnels.


The platform’s sales funnels are called Pipelines, and to create them, you need to do the following:

  1. Go to the Kajabi Marketing menu and click the “New Pipeline” button.
  2. Choose the appropriate template. There you can find layouts for Freebie, Coaching Campaign OVO (“OVO” is the abbreviation for “Opt-in”, “Value”, and “Offer”), Zoom Webinar OVO, Free Book OVO, etc. 
  3. Name your pipeline and list the product you are going to sell.
  4. Being transferred to the Blueprint checklist, you’re offered to customize your opt-in page (edit styles, fonts, shapes, etc) and sales page (add video and testimonial section, change the footer, embed call-to-action elements, etc.).
  5. When customization is finished, it’s time to click the “Share Pipeline” button and go public. Then, you’ll see a link to the created pipeline to share it through social media or email.

The platform offers fewer templates than its competitor, but they all require minimal modification. Plus, Kajabi is the same drag-and-drop builder. So, if you’re going to create a template from scratch, you won’t need any coding skills.




Affiliate Marketing


To get started, you need to create 2 accounts: an affiliate one and then—Tipalti account. Tipalti is a software that is responsible for financial operations (payouts, commissions, etc.). Then, the system offers you to examine tax documentation, guidelines, and available commission amount. The whole list of them you may find in the Affiliate Agreement, but here are a couple of examples:

  • badge commission: 20% commission;
  • front-end affiliate: 40% commission;
  • open affiliate: 30% commission, etc.
How to create an affiliate link on Kajabi.
Guide about creating an affiliate link. Source: Kajabi.


The platform’s affiliate program helps you perform the following actions:

  • manage affiliate registrations and users accounts;
  • customize an affiliate marketing system;
  • control the process of affiliate conversions;
  • send announcements to your affiliate users;
  • check the number of your commissions;
  • analyze statistics (about share links, conversion rate, clicks, etc.) and make reports.

If we speak about commission amounts, then there are no fixed numbers: all depends on campaign specifications. However, you’ll surely get 30% for all new members who become paying customers.

Also, the platform offers special bonuses for completing an eight-level affiliate program:

LevelNumber of members you’ve invited 
Blue 1




Payment gateways


Users can find a payment gateways menu in the account settings. To process payments, they may use 2 types of gateways:

  • embedded into the ClickFunnels’ system through API integrations (Stripe, NMI, Keap, Easy Pay Direct, etc.);
  • third-party integrations (WarriorPlus, PayPal, ClickBank, etc.).

You’d keep in mind that third-party gateways don’t support OTO Steps.


Compared to ClickFunnels, this builder comes up with only 2 integrated payment options:

  1. Stripe;
  2. PayPal. 

You need to perform 3 steps to be able to process purchases through Stripe:

  • create a PayPal account (only “Business” type of account can be used in order to connect to your web resource);
  • go to the REST API applications section on the PayPay platform and generate API codes;
  • enter your PayPal email address and paste codes you’ve received on the previous stage.

Сonnecting Stripe to your ClickFunnels account is also easy. Plus, this gateway allows you to connect sub-accounts. If these services don’t meet your needs or your location doesn’t allow you to connect Stripe or PayPal, you may search for the third-party platforms (a list by regions you may find in the Kajabi’s Help Center) and connect them through Zapier.




Email Marketing


The platform provides you with a handy email marketing tool called Actionetics that can help you transform your website’s visitors into customers.

The work of Actionetics can be described from 3 aspects:

  1. Segmentation. The system analyzes all actions & behavior of website visitors, their gender, age, location, etc. Then, Actionetics group them according to the pre-configured parameters that significantly simplifies the message targeting. Also, it boosts the response level because users get only interesting information without spam.
  2. Autoresponder. Connecting with your clients through emails keeps them interested in what you offer. Your customers can receive letters automatically as a reaction to their website activity  (clicking the “Compare”, “Checkout prices” buttons, etc.). For example, it can be a “thank you” email after purchase that contains a list of related products or upcoming sales. 
  3. Action Funnels. This is the final point where your customers should be brought. At this stage, the autoresponder leads customers to your specific sales funnel.


Kajabi email marketing system is similar to the one ClickFunnels has.

How to build a pipeline on Kajabi.
How to build a pipeline. Source: Kajabi.

First of all, the system supports tagging that is applied automatically, as well as can be customized.

Also, you may try an autoresponder. With its help, you can embed email responses into the funnel. The reason is the same as in the case of ClickFunnels: increase engagement of your audience. 

Using Kajabi, you may also try email templates, which can help you save time. 




Templates. Web Page Builder


ClickFunnels’ web page builder offers more options for customization than Kajabi does. Using the platform, you can:

  • choose among more than 300 icons (for headlines, links, content, and so on), which are offered by the FontAwesome platform;
  • try premade themes for elements or set up them on your own;
  • select from more than 600 templates for sections and rows;
  • edit SEO meta data for your page (title, description, keywords);
  • embed pop-ups to your page and change their size, font styles, shapes, select animation effects;
  • add background photo or video from YouTube;
  • integrate custom CSS and JavaScript code, etc.


Kajabi web page editor offers various types of templates:

  • simple, without media content;
  • image-heavy;
  • sales; 
  • opt-in templates, and so on.

You can create one in a few clicks on the dashboard. Most templates are well-structured and optimized for specific purposes, so you don’t need to customize them in detail. 

If you want to make your web page personalized, you can edit footers, add pop-ups and favicons, change fonts and colors, and embed call-to-action buttons.

Also, you may add your custom CSS or JavaScript code. I’d recommend you to do it only if you have experience in coding, otherwise, your web page will be displayed incorrectly or won’t be functional at all.




Analytics and performance


Using split-run testing, you can compare the two versions of the page and analyze which type of web page performs better.

If we speak about analytics, ClickFunnels provides users with a similar set of parameters to show: button clickability; funnels, account, SMTP statistics; conversion rates, subscription metrics, and so on.

The peculiarity of this service is that ClickFunnels analyzes each step your clients make through the funnel from awareness to action. 


The inbuilt analytic feature provides you with comprehensive data about opt-ins, clickability, subscription metrics, conversion rates, affiliate commissions, product progress, offers sold, etc. 

You’re able to get data about how many purchases you’ve had for the last 30 days; your net revenue for the same period or for all time of the funnel’s existence.

When it comes to performance, Kajabi uses the same A/B testing as its competitor. 

How to work with Kajabi's analytics dashboard.
How to work with an analytics dashboard. Source: Kajabi.




Pricing plans


The platform offers to start a 14-days free trial before purchasing one of the following plans.

Name of the featureClickFunnels($97 per month)ClickFunnels Platinum ($297 per month)TwoCommaClubX ($2,497 per month)
Ability to share funnels+++
Number of available funnels 20without limitswithout limits
Number of available pages 100without limitswithout limits
Number of sub-users1310
Number of available payment gateways3927
Number of domains you may try3927
Ability to try follow-up emails++
Chat supportavailable Priority SupportPriority plus VIP Support


This service comes with the same 14-days free trial. After it expires, you may choose one of the following plans:

Name of the featureBasic($149 per month or $119 per year)Growth Platinum ($199 per month or $159 per year)Pro($399 per month or $319 per year)
Landing pagesno limitsno limitsno limits
Pre-made layouts+++
Chat support+++
Affiliate program++
Code editor+




Customer support


The platform has a well-developed customer support system:

  1. Help Doc contains a set of articles about how to get started with ClickFunnels, backpack, account settings, and many more; 
  2. Mastery Training where you can sign up for one of the offered webinars or get access to interview with team experts, etc.;
  3. Partner section that is devoted to the affiliate programs.

Also, there is a “Community” button, but this section is under development. 

Additionally, you may become a part of a large Facebook community or search for answers in the ClickFunnels blog section.

Mastery Training page. ClickFunnels.
Mastery Training page. Source: ClickFunnels.


In the Kajabi’s Help Center you can find a lot of articles supported with photo and video materials. 

Also, the platform has its blog, handy chatbot for quick answers, and live chat option for direct contact with Kajabi experts.




Pros and cons

Pros– a bunch of third-party applications;
– ability to sell any type of products;
– responsive customer support.
– inbuilt online course constructor;
– ability to create email sequences. 
Cons– expensive pricing plans.– targeted at digital products only;
– a small number of available inbuilt integrations.


Does ClickFunnels support creating tickets?

Yes, this option is available 24/7.

Does ClickFunnels support tracking physical products?

Yes, you’ll get an email with purchase details within 2-3 business days. 

What will happen if the number of my site’s visitors exceeds the available number according to my ClickFunnels’ pricing plan?

After you reach the limit, the platform’s owned affiliate badge will be added to your webpage. Users should keep in mind that the visitor counter will reset the first day of every subsequent month after midnight.

Is it possible to purchase a domain in ClickFunnels?

Yes, you can purchase & register a domain.

Does Kajabi support a direct connection of the domain?

Yes, this option is available.

Can I export already existing website formatting to Kajabi?

No, you can import the content, but it’ll require customization using Kajabi’s website constructor.

What file formats it’s possible to use on Kajabi?

The platform works with the most common file formats: all video formats, GIF, JPEG, PDF, etc. You may find the full list on the platform’s Help Center.

Does Kajabi support the domain changing for the website that is already published?

Yes, this option is available.


The main thing you need to keep in mind while choosing between ClickFunnels and Kajabi is the type of product or service you’re going to sell. 

If you’re looking for a universal builder to sell both physical and digital products, then ClickFunnels is what you need.

If your business is focused on digital products only, then you’d pay attention to Kajabi.

Also, the second option is preferable for online course providers.

To get a complete picture of both platforms’ functionality, I offer you to look at the comparison table:

User experience45
Sales funnels54
Affiliate marketing54
Payment gateways54
Email marketing54
Templates. Web page Builder54
Analytic performance 55
Pricing plans55
Customer support55

As you can see, ClickFunnels overtook its competitor and became the winner of today’s comparison.

by Kseniia Goldovska

Last modified: September 17, 2021

Hi, I’m Kseniia and I’m here to guide you through the tools that may be helpful for your business. Having 8 years of development and start up experience I always try to find new ways of getting things done with less effort and cost. Looking forward to your comments (especially negative ones :D)!